High quality window film solutions for homes and businesses

Solar Window FilmUV Heat Reduction, Window Frosting, Decorative, Security, Privacy, Window Tinting in the Cape Town area and surrounds

Solucent Bright Solutions offers:

Quality Window Tinting

We have a brilliant range of imported decorative, Architectural, Privacy, Security / Safety and Solar UV Glare Window Film Products. We are experts at installing solar window film solutions in the Cape Town area.


Professional Installations

We pride ourselves on our ability to install quality custom window film solutions with flair and creativity. We are passionate and able to assist with large and small projects. Our friendly and qualified staff will ensure that the project is completed successfully and keep you up to date whilst we do so.


We offer a wide range of Window Tinting in Cape Town for Businesses and Homes, including: Frost, Sandblast, Sparkle, Static Cling, Shiny, Opaque, Matt, Black-out, White-out, Neutral, Window Tinting, Textured, Reflective (One Way, Mirror, Silver, Metal, Bronze, Titanium, Sputtered and more), Etched Glass, Cut Glass, Translucent, Colored, Stained / Lead Glass, Smash and Grab / Clear and Tinted Safety, Patterns, Vinyl, Polyester, UV Heat Glare Solar, Rear Projection, Smart Film, Electric Film, PDLC and more ...

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa

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